The UK insurance markets has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a number of insurers withdrawing from the rent guarantee market as a direct result. The UK Financial Conduct Authority, who we are governed and regulated by, has provided detailed information on COVID-19 and Business Interruption insurance which can be seen here.

As an organisation focused in tackling the UK housing crisis, we remain committed in offering insurance solutions to landlords, property agents and temporary accommodation providers throughout the pandemic.  We have invested heavily in technology to this effect and are delighted to recognise that years of our research and development has allowed our teams to adapt seamlessly to safeguard our colleagues, their families and of course our national hero’s – our frontline emergency workers.

Our cloud-based trading platforms have proved a huge success in that the flow of data and claims processing is uninterrupted; thus, offering our clients and partners an unrivalled fully integrated service.

We will continue to update this webpage as the situation and circumstances evolve in line with government guidelines and market conditions.

If you have been affected or have difficulty in obtaining renewal quotations for your rent guarantee coverage from your existing insurer/broker - please contact us in complete confidentiality to see how we can assist; from rent guarantee, insurance advice and claims management ensure you can continue to benefit from rent guarantee solutions with an ‘A’ rated insurance company. 

To assist our clients and partners through this difficult time, we have established a number of initiatives ranging from flexible and dedicated working solutions, cloud-based data-rooms and bespoke, flexible insurance policies and payment plans. 

We are thankful to our emergency services, National Health Service (NHS) and front-line keyworkers, continuing to house displaced tenants and we are truly honoured to be working with such clients and partners during these difficult times.   We will come out stronger, with togetherness and a determination to make both UK and our partners prosperous by supporting our corporate vision in tackling the UK housing shortage for displaced individuals and families.

We understand and recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching implication on individuals and families, with unemployment and uncertainty.  It is for this very reason; we continue to operate and offer our rent guarantee solutions specifically for unemployed tenants for ensure safeguarding of tenants and landlords’/agents’ financial interests. 

We wish you well during these unsettling times.