InsurTech Powered by Rentsurance - Our "Dwello" Portal

Our proprietary insurance platform, Dwello allows you to create an account, quote, and buy our insurance products. Specifically designed for landlords and agents housing DSS tenants - access all of your properties and tenants under one portal.  

All data is processed through our secure servers in London so that you can access your account easily from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Better still, you can purchase and manage policies and submit claims on all of your properties from a single, convenient dashboard.

Dwello is our InsurTech platform, proudly made in London. We are the only FCA-regulated entity to offer standalone insurance products for landlords with DSS tenants.

Dwello allows us to measure and insure the financial risks of housing unemployed, vulnerable, or displaced individuals in real-time and insure against any losses the policyholder might suffer if these risks should occur. 

Our vision will support more disadvantaged individuals and families to find safe and secure housing, giving them the stability that they need to re-establish their own lives. 

This is exactly why our Dwello InsurTech solution offers – complete with rent guarantees with no credit checks, guarantors, or deposits.

Dwello provides users with an interactive, real-time reporting cloud-based platform. We are:

  • The future of rent guarantee and insurance technology.
  • Specialising in working with landlords.
  • Temporary accommodation providers.
  • Agents.
  • Local Authorities who house DSS tenants.

Whether you are a landlord, agent, temporary accommodation, a housing association, or a Local Authority that houses displaced individuals – our Dwello platform has been designed and created with you in mind.

Our insurtech platform, 'Dwello' is designed to provide:

  • Rent guarantees for DSS tenants.
  • Legal expenses cover for landlords.
  • Landlords home emergency cover.
  • Tenant's liability insurance.

Why Dwello? 

  • Only insure what you need cover for.
  • View and manage all of your policies through the online dashboard.
  • Receive quotes in less than 90 seconds.
  • Pay by card for instant documents.

We are the only standalone platform focused on creating a solution for accommodation providers with DSS tenants.