Lettings Agents

Are you offering ‘rent guarantee’ to your landlords, but not sure how you can ensure rents will be ‘guaranteed’ due to the tenant type? Or have you been rejected from other rent guarantee schemes because the tenant didn’t pass their credit check, or have a suitable guarantor?

Interestingly, many mortgage lenders in the UK do not permit their landlords to house Universal Credit tenants (see here), unless there is a suitable insurance policy in place that guarantees the rent and condition of the property in that the mortgage lender has a vested interest in the property and its condition.   

Our rent guarantee insurance comes complete with legal expenses, home emergency cover and optional tenants' liability cover.  As we do not require any third party involvement such as guarantors, deposits or credit checks – we can insure properties within 90 seconds on our Dwello platform, giving Lettings Agents like you, immediate comfort.  

We can help Lettings Agents by: 

  • Incentivising and attracting new landlords with an insurance backed Rent Guarantee solution;
  • No guarantor, deposit or credit check required;
  • Rental cover up to £2,500 per month;
  • £25,000 legal expense cover;
  • Broad range of home emergencies included, including boiler replacement;
  • 24/7, 365 UK based legal and advice support line;
  • Manage all your policies on our Dwello platform.

*Optional tenant’s liability cover also available