Temporary Accommodation Providers

Temporary Accommodation Providers (TAP), often known as Temporary Housing providers often have extensive landlords on their books – but not all would be willing to work with TAPs on the basis of mortgage security and risk of potential arrears due to tenant types.  

Whilst many temporary accommodation providers offer some level of guaranteed rent ‘schemes’ to landlords, naturally there is always an inherent risk for the providers should the property fall into arrears, eviction costs and associated repair costs.  Furthermore, such ‘schemes’ are not accepted by the landlords' mortgage company in order to protect the value and condition of the property over which they have a legal charge. 

The Solution:

We offer a holistic legal expense, rent guarantee and home emergency insurance solution to ensure that the financial interests are always protected for both you, the temporary accommodation provider and the landlord.  

We know you work around the clock to provide safe and secure housing, whilst dealing with all property maintenance matters – so why not de-risk some of your financial exposure and resources by obtaining a one-off annual insurance policy, complete with home emergency call out, 24/7 365 days of the year.  Our insurance policy is a contract of insurance, backed by an 'A' rated global insurer, RSA Group.  This gives you and your landlords complete peace of mind, in that you are protected at all times should there be a property emergency, tenant default, or you are required to file a legal defence claim. 

As we do not require any third party involvement such as guarantors, deposits or credit checks – we can insure properties within 90 seconds on our Dwello platform, giving landlords and temporary accommodation providers immediate comfort, whilst allowing Local Authorities to quickly and efficiently house tenants.

This allows you to incentivise new and existing landlords to offer new properties, allowing you to expand your pipeline of available properties to respective Local Authorities; knowing that any financial downside is fully protected with our zero excess insurance cover.

We can help Temporary Accommodation Providers to:  

  • Claim the cost of insurance as a valid business expenses;
  • Incentivise new landlords;
  • No guarantor, deposit or credit check required;
  • Rental cover up to £2,500 per month;
  • £25,000 legal expense cover;
  • Broad range of home emergencies included, including boiler replacement;
  • 24/7, 365 UK based legal and advice support line;
  • Manage all your policies on our Dwello platform.

*Optional tenant’s liability cover also available

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