We specialise in working with tenants on Universal Credit, where your landlord has requested that you obtain a Tenants Liability Insurance cover for the property, to protect you for any accident damage to any internal part of the property.

Many landlords are reluctant to house Universal Credit tenants, due to the negative connotation often associated to them.

If you’re a tenant on Universal Credit, your landlord may have (part) furnished the property before you moved in to make it more comfortable for you.  

However, if any of the landlord’s belongings (such as furniture, fixtures or fittings) were to be accidentally damaged while you’re living there, the landlord may expect you to cover the cost of the damage.  

We help Tenants with:

  • We understand that as DSS tenants, this might be challenging for you, which is why for just £4 per month, we can protect you for up to £5,000 of damage to the landlords' property.
  • The tenants liability insurance will cover you up to £5,000 worth of damage caused to the landlords property. We will arrange the repairs through our insurers specialist network of contractors throughout the UK.

What’s included in Tenants’ Liability insurance?

Our tenants’ liability insurance, depending on your circumstances, may include:

  • Furniture.
  • Fixtures & Fittings (Including bathrooms and kitchens).
  • White Goods.
  • Carpets & Soft Furnishings provided by the landlords.

Our tenants liability insurance is in the name of you, the tenant, meaning that only you can activate the policy where there is an unfortunate accident.  

Please note, our insurance policies cannot be purchased over the phone.  

In order to purchase a tenants liability insurance, you need to sign up to the Dwello platform and enter your property details. Your insurance would start immediately often successful card payment. 

Please contact us on info@rentsurance.co.uk or call 0207 8469020 and see how we can help.